Testimonial 3

After searching numerous platforms and beta testing various programs, only to discover that they could not handle our massive data set, Ruby’s unique approach to data architecture provided the solution we were looking for, combined with a simple user-interface. Ruby Laser’s online features extended these capabilities to allow for data access from any location, with the same minimal load-time. The Red Centre team acted as true partners, through every step of our engagement, and worked tirelessly, to make sure the final product met and exceeded our expectations.

LRW Leiberman Research Worldwide, Kourosh Arienejad, Cincinnati, USA

Testimonial 5

“We selected Ruby and Ruby Laser after evaluating all the other products on the market. The Ruby product has all the tools that allow us to deliver high quality reports, on time and on budget, while providing our clients the opportunity to further ‘slice and dice’ their own data using Ruby Laser.”

David Bryant, Thoroughbred Research Group, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Testimonial 1

BDA Marketing Planning has been using the Ruby platform to administer our extensive consumer surveys for the past 7 years, and have found it to be a robust, productive and well featured tool for data analysis. Continuous product development and hands-on client support further adds to the benefits that we have enjoyed from Red Centre Software.

Craig Gillon, BDA Marketing Planning, Melbourne, Australia

Testiminial 2

“Ruby is a sophisticated analysis tool, making handling large tracking projects easy. Good scripting capabilities are an added bonus”

Mike Townsend, AMR Sydney, Australia

Testimonial 4

“Ruby is a full-fledged tabulation and reporting system aimed squarely at the data processing professional. If you are looking for a Quantum replacement, this program deserves a test-drive.”

“The support provided by Red Centre has been outstanding. The level of practical research knowledge and technical expertise the support team provides is unique in our experience.” “Although initially apprehensive about the time difference, we now feel we wouldn’t want it any other way. We can email issues to the support team at 6pm and arrive back at work in the morning to find advice, technical solutions, new documentation and even fully functional scripts waiting in our inbox.”

Tim Macer, Founder and Managing Director of meaning ltd, London, United Kingdom

Testimonial 7

“I have been doing data analysis for over 25 years, using many different products. Ruby, from Red Centre Software is by far the best for many reasons. Some of the reasons are, it is blindingly fast, it has functions and utilities that make importing any sort of data a breeze. It has been developed from a data analyst’s perspective, not a programmer guessing what is needed in a data analysis package. It makes a real difference.

“When used with VB.net Express it really rocks, it has intellisense, step through debugging, colour coded auto-formatting. I can even interface it to our SQL server on the web.”

“The productivity gains we have enjoyed, together with faster turnaround times our clients enjoy, Ruby is one of our main competitive edges.”

Michael Potter, Operations Director, Anovation, Hong Kong

Testimonial 8

“We were able to move to Ruby a couple of years ago, and it is now the main program we use, because it can do everything we need to do. I find it is an extremely powerful and flexible tool. Other tools can be quite restrictive, but Ruby is very powerful and completely flexible,”

“The program goes beyond what more traditional DP crosstab tools … compared with other programs I have used, Ruby allows me to filter and drill down into the data much more than I could with them.”

“It’s especially good at exporting live charts and tables into documents. Once they are in PowerPoint or Word, trend charts can be opened up and adjusted as necessary. When it is a live chart, it means you can update the data. Instead of having to go back to Ruby, open it up and try to find the chart and then read the data, you can just double-click it inside PowerPoint and you see all the figures change. And there is even an undo ….. for any unintentional errors.”

Amy Lee, Data Processing Manager, Inside Story, Australia

“…..if you do a lot of tracking surveys and want to easily be able to cut your data every which way in a fairly effortless manner, once you get the survey set up right, then this is the software package for you.”

Mark Kupferman, Market Research blogger, Orlando, Florida, USA

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