A simple form of indexing we often see is to base on the row average rather […]
A common issue is a rating scale collected as 1=worst, 10=best, but for analysis and stats […]
Update 7 March 2016 With Ruby version 3.x and later, the CodeFrames report is accessed from […]
Update 7 March 2016 Axis by Folder (Ruby version 3.x and later) is accessed from Tools […]
We’ve had a few goes at the perfect approach to scripted reports, but I think that […]
A good way to temporarily remove large slabs of code within a subroutine is to fence […]
The traditional approach to rolling or moving averages in a cross tabulation is to construct a […]
More details and examples here… http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/1087130/Understanding-the-Visual-Studio-IDE-for-R-language 12 March 2016 Here’s a fascinating development. See https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/machinelearning/2016/03/09/announcing-r-tools-for-visual-studio-2/ I […]
16Mar2016 A client recently asked about alternatives to VS Express for scripting Ruby jobs. I did […]
I’m often asked for a quick’n’dirty tutorial on VB scripting. I’ve hunted the internet, but the […]