Red Centre Software was founded in 2004 by Dale Chant and Roland Seidel, with goals to develop and deliver the best software for market research analytics, and to improve business processes and profitability for research departments and agencies. Over 50 years’ combined experience in developing market research cross-tabulation software applications, has provided a suite of products that are field-proven, powerful, versatile and extremely high-performance.

Dale has been developing software for the processing and analysis of survey data since 1991, first for the Australian company, Sutherland Smith, and then, following acquisition and relocation, for NFO in New Jersey, USA.

Dale specialises in solutions to the many issues which often trouble continuous tracking operations.

He holds a PhD in ancient Greek language and literature from Monash University and spent several years teaching at both university and senior high school levels through the 1980s. Looking for a career change, in late 1990 he completed a post graduate diploma in computer science and was soon recruited into market research with a brief to find a better way.

Dale’s major non-professional interests include electronic music/audio engineering, world history and contemporary politics.

Dale Chant

With a background in Mathematics and programming and a career in teaching, Roland joined Dale at Sutherland Smith to help develop Continuous Tracking and related software.

In 2004 he set up Red Centre Software with Dale.

Side projects include software for calendar conversions, mapping history, and blackjack training – the latter during a period working with Australian Skeptics as their resident Mathematician.

Roland Seidel

Greg caught the ‘computer bug’ in high school in the mid-1970s and after university started his first full-time job as a computer programmer in 1980 on Honeywell and Fujitsu mainframes. After a few years writing COBOL for payroll systems, Greg became the systems programmer responsible for the distribution and reliable operations of a national mainframe computer network. In 1992 Greg migrated into PC software development. Since then has used almost every significant programming language and toolset available to write applications for a variety of industries including rostering, optometry, cryptography, healthcare and marketing.

At RCS, Greg is responsible for writing web services and the user interfaces of their web and mobile applications.

When not writing software for a living, Greg writes software for fun. He has large numbers of free samples and projects available for the programming community. Other hobby interests include playing music, astronomy, mathematics, backyard wildlife and cat psychology. Greg first met Roland in 1996 when they were on the Victorian committee of The Australian Skeptics.

Greg Keogh