At Red Centre Software we pride ourselves on our quick response and turnaround times for support requests from our clients.

Our Testimonials confirm our level of customer satisfaction.

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Alternatively, you may find the answer to your questions in our Knowledgebase or our Blog.

Also, our Training Videos contain a vast amount of useful information for DP and Analyst users of Ruby. These include Ruby setup, data import (SPSS, Quantum, Dimensions, SSS, Delimited ASCII etc.), variable configuration and creation, weighting, automated verbatim coding, arranging the variable tree, Ruby automation via scripting & programming (vbs,, report creation, exporting reports to MS Office (Excel, Powerpoint, Word), linking Ruby to R, exporting data to other software. If you are a new Ruby user, it is highly recommended that you take the time to watch the videos in sequence. They are all based on the Demo Job, supplied with every Ruby install.

Many of our new customers have migrated from Quantum to Ruby, since there has been nothing else out there capable of handling the size and complexity of their mature tracking jobs. If you find yourself needing to replace Quantum, or you have another software package that is not meeting your needs, we can arrange a free trial of 5 Ruby licences for a fixed period of time (usually one month – but can be longer if you require). We can demonstrate Ruby’s capabilities by importing and setting up an initial job for you, documenting the steps, conducting Skype training sessions and replicating a reasonable number of reports, to confirm consistency.