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Market Research Services

Our consultants bring decades of experience in the design, deployment and operation of all types of market research projects, especially tracking studies. This expertise provides a cost-effective way to ensure maximum benefit from your choice to deploy Ruby in your organisation. We can provide expert advice and guidance on work practices to maximise the efficient use of Ruby. We work with you to perform software migration, job setup, customisation of statistics tests, Ruby automation and publishing Ruby jobs to Ruby Laser. Customers can also engage us to perform specific DP tasks for them, such as importing and cleaning data.

Support and Maintenance

Software support and regular software updates are included in the annual license fee. We also offer customized support plans to make sure the type of help you need is at hand when you need it. This includes 24×7 telephone access, 24-hour turnaround on email, GoToMeeting sessions to demonstrate features and solve issues, training videos for reference and exploration of Ruby’s many features, extensive examples, a fully functional Demo job, context-sensitive help system for Ruby’s GUI and API, a blog section on our website and our knowledge base, which contains detailed articles on a range of topics and worked case studies.


We provide standard and customized training courses for users at all levels and roles. Whether on-line, self-paced or on-site, our hands-on approach will ensure you have the knowledge you need to fully utilize the power of Ruby and deliver significant cost benefits to your organisation. General training for all of our products is included in the annual license fees. Targeted training can be developed for and delivered to your organisation at a very reasonable cost. Ruby is sophisticated and powerful and quite easy to use, when you know how. Our comprehensive training will provide your staff with that “know how”.


Let us take care of systems deployment for you, integrating and customising our solutions to meet your specific requirements, then rolling it out across your enterprise, to ensure speedy adoption and immediate business benefits. We can host your Ruby Laser and RubyGO jobs on our servers, or assist you to set them up on your own servers. We can perform your DP to set up Ruby jobs and then upload them to Ruby Laser. We can develop your client dashboards at a fraction of the cost of competing systems. Red Centre Software consultants and our associates are focussed on meeting and exceeding your expectations.